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Testimonials and Reviews

"I simply cannot thank you enough. I cried when I saw myself in the mirror, it fits so well, and is so beautiful. I don't dess up often, but with everything that is the awfulness of 2020 I wanted something special for the end of the year with my husband. Although this dress was not necessarily for that when I contacted you, it absolutely is now! 

Your work is just impeccable and the fact that you made something for me with just measurements is crazy to me! 

This means more to me than I ever can say. Thank you. Thank you so very much!"

Megan, December  17, 2020

"ADORABLE ! So beautifully made, such attention to detail. The fabric is lovely. I’m tickled to death. Thank you!"

Courtney, December 1, 2020

"I love this mask! There's ear loops in addition to the ribbon so it's very secure, but still easy to move for a restaurant. It's perfect for when you want to dress up and stay safe at the same time. And with the holidays coming up and COVID not leaving anytime soon, I'm gonna get plenty of wear!"

Claudia, September 30, 2020


I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Teenage me would be proud to know that grownup me has not changed one bit. The pandemic is a Very Bad Thing but getting to wear this mask is sweet. The piece is top-quality and the turnaround time was as promised. A million thanks as well to the shop for graciously accommodating my request for a custom size. I love it!! Everyone wear your mask! 

Abigail, July 29, 2020

"This has been an utter delight to wear around. It's very well constructed, and I get compliments on it everyday. I'm probably going to buy more for my friends so we can walk around the beach like a flock of plague doctor birds."

Candie, August 11, 2020


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